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From Mrs Marshall & Room 14

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Worries (by Zac, age 7)

Do you have any feedback for Zac on his writing so far?

One day I went to Stewart Island. If you are interested in this part of New Zealand, have a read of this story. 

It all started when Mia, Emma, Hiko, Karina, Orla, dad and I were at the Invercargill building before planes. When I had about 13 chips and three sips of fruit juice, a man came in. He was our pilot. After we had a five minute chat, he led us to the plane.

When it was time to get in, I got in first. Next Orla, Mia, Hiko and Emma, then came in dad. In the front it was the pilot. The pilot said the flight will be 45 minutes. 

That’s when I started to worry.
Sitting, worried with no seats. The worries were, would I fall? Or crash head first? We flew through fogs, mountains and the peaceful sky. When about 45 minutes had passed, we turned a little. Two minutes later we landed.

Then there was a time where there were no seat belts, I went "WOW!" Stewart Island was so much like a garden! I could smell the salty sea. I could hear the mini engines buzzing. I could feel the soft plane seat. I could taste the fresh air and I could see the beautiful background. There was still one worry. Would I crash head first? I wouldn’t fall, because this wasn’t in the air. But would I crash head first?

No I didn’t. At the end I just got out with no worries. In fact, I didn’t have to worry at all. 


  1. Wow zac, that is poetic writing! keep on going!
    Marcella (Jilles his mum)

  2. I like zac's story because it's about the plane.
    From Sean

  3. Great writing Zac!!! Keep on going!
    Hugs from Berlin
    Mia, Emma, Heico and Corinna;-)

  4. Great writing Zac.from Taylor.

  5. WOW Zac!!! That was an amazing story it felt like I was right there with you Stewart Island.

    from Peta